Saturday's Farm Family Day biggest yet


More than 40 farms in Schoharie and Otsego Counties will welcome visitors this Saturday for Family Farm Day.
Running from 10am to 4pm, it's the fourth annual Family Farm Day for Schoharie but the first for Otsego.
The day has been a success in its first three years, with farms offering tours, demonstrations, activities for kids and a selection of local products.
"People are more aware of it now. They look forward to it and ask about it," said Cooperative Extension's David Cox, who organizes the day.
The thrust of Family Farm Day is to forge a stronger link between farmers and their customers and also to raise consumers' awareness of what's available just down the road.
"Farmers get a great deal of visibility," Mr. Cox said. "They may have a very good day selling, but they're also building a long-term customer base."
Listed online or in a booklet available at stores and Cooperative Extension, Schoharie County farms range from Sharon Springs to Broome--and all towns in between.
Many of the farms are repeats, but some are new.
"Some wanted to take a break, and some wanted to take a year off so that they could do the tour themselves," Mr. Cox said. "That's fine with me. They're interested."
There's no set trail visitors must follow; they can start wherever they want and stay as long as they like at each farm.
The farms are diverse and demonstrate the two counties' range of agriculture. Dairy, vegetables, cider, maple products, whiskey, sheep, goats, horses and herbs are all part of the mix.
The diversity of farms happened the first year, though Mr. Cox didn't plan it that way.
"But I was thrilled," he said, laughing. "It shows the total diversity in our counties."
Family Farm Day will be held rain or shine.
Visitors can download the farm guide from