Disbanding Sharon Rotary seeks someone for creche


By Patsy Nicosia

The Sharon Springs Rotary Club has disbanded and unless else someone steps up, the community could be short a crèche for Christmas.
Faced with dwindling numbers-there are just a half-dozen members-the club held a meet and greet on October 21, inviting people from the community and other Rotary Clubs, looking for alternatives to disbanding.
Unfortunately, said President Geri Dunne, they didn't end up with any and are disbanding.
That means someone else will have to pick up the club's traditional projects, including putting up the crèche at the NBT Bank for the holidays, if they are to continue, she said.
Ms. Dunne said the crèche usually goes up just after Thanksgiving and comes down about January 15, snow and weather permitting.
"We are looking for a volunteer organization or church group to take on this responsibility," she said.
Anyone interested can contact Ms. Dunne at 261-6380.
The crèches is on wheels and can be moved by car or pickup truck to the bank and needs one or two people to move it into place, she said.