Who'll be our 25th Star: Looking back at some winners


By Patsy Nicosia

Time flies when you're having fun.
It flies even faster when you're recognizing some of the best that Schoharie County has to offer.
For the 25th time since the Times-Journal began searching for its first T-J Star in 1992, this year's honor will recognize someone who's had a major and positive impact on their community.
Nominations are already coming in-read to the end to learn how to make yours-but with a quarter-century's worth of Stars under our collective belts, it seemed like good time to look back on some of the past honorees.
In no particular order and for no particular reason, here's what we and others had to say about...
--Jacqui Hauser and Brian Kaiser, named our 2004 Stars, "for their belief in their community and their ability to meld vision with the nuts and bolts of making things happen."
John Sagendorf, then general manager at Howe Caverns and himself the 1996 Star, was one of those who nominated the Cobleskill couple.
"It is hard to believe that two people in this Schoharie County community could have such a far-reaching impact," Mr. Sagendorf said at the time.
--Harold Vroman, our fourth Star in 1995.
"Philanthropist, volunteer, amateur naturalist, researcher, historian..." is how we kicked off our January 1996 story highlighting just some of the things Mr. Vroman had given to his community.
"He's a behind-the-scenes guy," said friend Duane Miller in making the nomination.
"I've never heard him say no. He just keeps on going."
In 2006, Lester Hendrix, was named T-J star for his work in educating and mobilizing the Schoharie Valley into successfully demanding that New York City fast-forward repairs to the Gilboa Dam.
"He kept at it day and night. Lester served as a force that gave us guidance", said Howard Bartholomew, a longtime member of Dam Concerned Citizens, the group those efforts spawned.
And in 1994, Adele Hayes, then-director of Schoharie County Planning & Development, in large part because of her efforts to bring the Wal-Mart Distribution Center and 200 jobs to Sharon Springs.
"She has so many ideas, ideas for development, ideas on how to implement things. She sees the potential," Dawn Belloise, then-president of the Sharon Springs Chamber of Commerce said in her nomination.
Deadline for nominations for the 2016 T-J Star, our 26th, is 5pm Saturday, December 17.
Nominations can be made in a variety of ways:
--Email them to tjournalnews@yahoo.com and put TJ Star in the subject line.
--By phone, 234-2515.
--By fax, 234-7898.
--By mail, PO Box 339, Cobleskill, NY 12043.
Please no nominations on our Facebook page.
Nominations should include the name of the person being nominated and why he or she deserves to be the next T-J Star.
We also need the name of the person doing the nominating as well as their contact information in case we have questions or want more information.