2nd STEAM Expo March 30 at SSCS


Sharon Springs Central School will put the best of its science, technology, engineering, arts, and math skills on display on Thursday, March 30, when it hosts its second annual STEAM Expo.
Last year's STEAM Expo featured more than 25 student and teacher presentations, ranging from classroom-based projects to robotics demonstrations.
This year, elementary students and teachers will be joining the STEAM Expo and one of the organizers, math teacher Dan Cornwell, said they're expecting to see even more diversity in what's presented because of that.
"The expo is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other," Mr. Cornwell said, "and a way to see how great teachers and inspired students are transforming learning with powerful technology."
In addition to the elementary students and teachers, SSCS's new Maker Space, access to Makers Empire, and new classes like 3D printing and digital journalism will also be new additions.
The STEAM-science, technology, engineering, art, and math--Expo will run from 3-6pm.
From 3-4pm, participants will present their projects to teachers and fellow students and from 4-4:20pm, they'll be treated to pizza in the cafeteria.
From 4:20-4:50pm, Odyssey of the Mind teams will present in the auditorium, and from 5-6pm, students will present their projects to parents and the community.