Sharon Springs, Schoharie get $4 million for water work


Two local villages are among the two dozen municipalities that will be sharing $30 million in state water and sewer grants.
The Village of Sharon Springs has been awarded a $2.5 million grant toward its $4.2 million drinking water project, work that includes badly-needed upgrades to its water treatment plant and distribution lines.
And the Village of Schoharie has been awarded $1.65 million for its $2.75 million project for drinking water treatment and distribution.
Big Mohawk Valley winners in the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act grants—which includes Schoharie County--were the City of Amsterdam, with a total of $3.9 million, and the City of Rome, $3 million.
State Senator Jim Seward applauded the awards, calling them “bold investments…to help keep our communities healthy and our economy moving forward.
“Safeguarding access to clean water is one of the biggest challenges facing this state and nation,” he added.