T-J kicks off fall Football Challenge


The football season is here, and with it comes the Times-Journal Football Challenge.
The Challenge offers an opportunity to pick pro and college games, win cash and claim bragging rights.
As in past years, the Challenge has 15 games, 10 pro and five college. Fans pick the winner of each game plus total points on the 15th game as a tiebreaker.
The player with the best record each week wins $25. If a player picks all 15 games correctly, he wins $100. If two or more players are perfect, they split the $100.
Fans must get their entries to the T-J office, either dropping off or mailing, by 9am each Saturday. They can email, too: tjournalnews@yahoo.com.
One advertiser sponsors the Challenge each week. This week’s sponsor is The Red Barn Clubhouse.
The list of games and an entry form are on page 12 of this week's T-J