C-R to put $14.1 million project to voters


By Jim Poole

A $14.1 million building project will go to Cobleskill-Richmondville voters in February if all goes according to plan.
The C-R school board Monday night approved the project, which would bring improvements to all four school buildings.
C-R first proposed a $38 million building project last year, but COVID derailed that plan. Instead, the district is dividing the project into three phases; the $14.1 million part is the largest and most essential, school officials have said.
Voting is set for Wednesday, February 3. Before that, C-R will host town hall meetings and public information sessions.
Superintendent Carl Mummenthey said in the past that the work is necessary now and postponing will make it more expensive.
School board President Bruce Tryon agreed, saying that the work at each school was needed but not extravagant.
“They are necessary and routine upkeep items that must be done in order to protect the assets at each building that the taxpayers of the district have paid for,” he said.
“Without these enhancements, the board and district would be remiss in not protecting those assets.”
State aid would pay for about 85 percent of the cost, Mr. Mummenthey said earlier this fall.
By building, the work includes (Note: The dollar figures don’t add up to $14.1 million because there are additional costs for construction contingency and incidental expenses.):
•Radez School, $2.308 million.
––Replace underground storage tank.
––Roof replacement.
––Relocation of main office.
––Improve parent drop-off.
––Upgrade food service.
•Ryder School, $2.567 million.
––Expand office.
––Recoat spray foam roof.
––Replace refrigerant.
––Kitchen renovation.
––Improve drop-off circle.
––Create tech suite.
•Golding School, $2.27 million.
––Recoat foam roof.
––Replace refrigerant.
––Encapsulate/abate dirt crawlspace.
––Supplemental heat to classrooms.
––Technology suite.
•High School, $2.25 million.
––Repalce building system controls.
––Replace fire alarms.
––Replace fire pump.
––Renovate greenhouse.
The public vote at the high school on February 3 is a Wednesday, when most students are learning remotely. It would be safer for voters, Mr. Mummenthey said.