Progress #39: It's here and we're exhausted


This issue of the Times-Journal, the biggest of the year, comes with a purpose.
It includes the T-J’s 39th annual Progress edition, which profiles local businesses, business people and non-profits.
And this issue has a circulation of 21,000, about four times the normal T-J distribution.
But although the T-J issues a Progess magazine every February, this one is special.
For the first time, this Progress has a theme––Strong Together––that emphasizes the need to support businesses struggling through the yearlong pandemic.
“Strong Together is a takeoff on the longstanding county slogan ‘Go Local,’ ” said Publisher Jim Poole.
“We want to encourage customers and business owners themselves to shop here.”
Sales Manager Bruce Tryon, who helped develop the Strong Together theme, agreed.
“This year ‘shop local’ is more than a slogan,” he said. “It’s survival for many businesses in and around Schoharie County.”
To promote local businesses, this issue was mailed to every household in Schoharie County and also those in Worcester, Cherry Valley, Stamford and Grand Gorge.
Two person teams of T-J employees and helpers drove four U-haul trucks to deliver to post offices on Tuesday and stores on Wednesday.
The staff at the Leader-Herald in Gloversville, where the T-J is printed, also helped with deliveries.
“This was a major effort,” said Mr. Tryon. “We trust customers will respond and support the businesses who are their friends and neighbors.”