Bainton still not on C-R ballot


By Jim Poole

Arthur Bainton still won’t be on the May ballot for a Cobleskill-Richmondville school board seat.
On the other hand, school officials last week welcomed him to become involved in C-R issues.
Acting on the advice of their attorney, Mike West, the school board two weeks ago ruled that Mr. Bainton can’t be a candidate because he doesn’t live in the district.
And that decision was confirmed Thursday at a special meeting Mr. Bainton had with Superintendent Carl Mummenthey and school board President Bruce Tryon.
Mr. Bainton, who submitted his candidate’s petition by the April deadline, said he sought the meeting to explain his position.
Mr. Mummenthey and Mr. Tryon didn’t budge.
“It wasn’t totally a surprise,” said Mr. Bainton afterward. “I wanted to step up and do the right thing.”
He has 30 days to appeal the board’s decision to the State Education Commissioner, but any action would probably take place too late, after the May 18 election.
“There’s no way to fix this, and I don’t want to create trouble,” Mr. Bainton said, who continued to maintain he has a residence in Howes Cave.
Candidates on the ballot are incumbents Aimee Yorke and Susan Strasser and challenger Jason Gagnon.
Although school officials stood their ground on Mr. Bainton’s residency, they appreciated his interest.
“I applaud his effort to make a difference,” Mr. Tryon said.
“There are other ways to be involved other than the school board. I hope he becomes involved.”
Mr. Mummenthey agreed, adding that “we’re all about partnerships.”