McMichael patiently waiting on COVID cure


By Jim Poole

With patience that might set records, John McMichael is still waiting to move forward with his COVID cure.
The treatment, called TML, went through its first trial with patients in the spring, and the analysis of that trial is taking far longer than Mr. McMichael expected.
“Six weeks ago I thought the analysis would take three weeks,” he said Monday. “That’s the frustration.”
Mr. McMichael, who lives in Wright, has been trying since March of 2020 to get government approval for TML. Doctors in his nationwide Beech Tree Labs have administered the product with success to their patients, but federal approval is necessary to get TML to the full public.
With many people still not vaccinated against COVID and the Delta variant creating another surge, TML could still have a wide audience even as the pandemic stretches to 18 months.
Beech Tree Labs physicians have found TML to be successful with patients suffering from the Delta variant, Mr. McMichael said.
“A significant number have treated patients with the Delta variant, and the results are the same,” Mr. McMichael said.
Those results: COVID is cured within four to 48 hours.
Although the analysis is still in progress, Mr. McMichael believes it will show TML to be successful. His confidence is based on Beech Tree Labs doctors’ experience with treating hundreds of patients.
Government approval is still necessary, however, as is a second, larger trial after the analysis of the first one is finished.
Mr. McMichael developed TML about 20 years ago as a successful treatment for herpes and influenza viruses. Through trial and error, Beech Tree Labs physicians found the same success with COVID.