SEEC gets a real home in Schoharie


By Patsy Nicosia

SEEC is moving its headquarters from Cobleskill to 287 Main Street, Schoharie.
The building—formerly the Bank of America and a donation to SEEC by the bank—will be used for offices, but also as shared space for entrepreneurs, workshops, and community events, SEEC’s Executive Director Julie Pacatte said Tuesday.
Ms. Pacatte joined SEEC as its first executive director in September 2019, and spent that first year building the economic development agency—and the second pivoting to help Schoharie County businesses weather the challenges of COVID.
Yesterday’s ribbon-cutting at 287 Main brings SEEC back to its original mission, Ms. Pacatte said, and positions it well for the future.
“It’s a wonderful opportunity,” she said. “To be on Main Street, Schoharie, in such a historic space and right across the street from the County Office Building…
“It’s going to be a great place to welcome businesses to Schoharie County and toast to their success.”
Maybe literally.
Plans for the building include a small event space that could also highlight local businesses…like craft breweries.
There will also be shared space with computer stations and internet access---SEEC is putting together a plan for how that will work—as well as programming.
SEEC hopes to open its 287 Main doors to the public after the first of the year.
SEEC founder and CEO Tom Putnam also sees the move as something that will help SEEC move forward.
“…we are deeply invested in our local business community and we are eager to begin our ew chapter here on Main Street and are grateful to have a new headquarters where we can continue our mission,” he said at Wednesday’s ribbon-cutting.
How it all came together is a case of being in the right place at the right time, said Assemblyman Chris Tague.
He’s credited with bringing SEEC and BOA together after bank leaders approached him looking for a community group it could donate the building to.
“They were looking for someone that could use it to really make a difference,” Assemblyman Tague said.
“My first thought was SEEC. They are a great group of people who are truly invested in their community and they’re doing great things. Main Street, Schoharie, a beautiful, historic building…it was the perfect match. There will be no better caretaker than SEEC.”
Schoharie Mayor Larry Caza is also excited by SEEC’s move from donated space in Cobleskill to his village.
SEEC and Schoharie are already working together on grants that to redevelop the Parrott House and Mayor Caza said he can envision other projects that they work together on.
“Having them just a handshake away is going to be a great thing,” he said.
“It’s an indication of how seriously we’re taking economic development and it’s a great use of our beloved building.”