CPI hopes video will boost downtown


By Jim Poole

A video only a half-minute will give Cobleskill a huge boost in marketing itself.
That’s the hope of Cobleskill Partnership Inc., the downtown improvement group, which approved the video plan at a meeting Friday.
Videographer Matthew David Zeilberger will produce the video, which will include aerial views shot with a drone and on-the-street images, according to CPI President Lucas Fiedler.
“We have something of an urban center in a rural setting,” he said. “In the marketing field, we have that hometown feel.”
Mr. Fiedler sees the piece being shown on Facebook, CPI’s website and other social media platforms not only to advertise downtown businesses but also to promote Cobleskill in general.
The video, he added, could be used by Cobleskill Regional Hospital, SUNY Cobleskill and businesses as a recruiting tool.
“It would be something like, “Come take a look at the town you’d be working in,’ ” Mr. Fiedler said.
The video would be only a half-minute to slightly longer because that’s about the attention span on social media, he said.
Mr. Fiedler hopes for at least 500 views of the video and more if CPI boosts the piece on its Facebook page and others share it.
Besides approving the video plan, CPI members Friday authorized spending $1,600 for the production.
Board member Brian Kaiser suggested moving quickly while Cobleskill looks most attractive in the fall. Others agreed.
Assuming the video’s successful, CPI may opt to produce a longer video in the future, Mr. Fiedler said.