Schoharie to plow Business Park roads


By Patsy Nicosia

In emergency action Monday, the Town of Schoharie agreed to take over plowing and sanding of Holiday Way and Park Place, the private roads into the Schoharie Business Park.
The roads aren’t being plowed, salted, or otherwise maintained, Supervisor Alan Tavenner said in the special phone meeting—something that became clear when emergency crews had difficulty responding to a call at the Quality Inn & Suites after Sunday’s ice storm.
The roads also offer access to a handful of businesses, including some county offices and a day care.
The town has been working to take over the long-neglected roads, but first it needs to hold public hearings on establishing a highway district and bringing them up to spec, Mr. Tavenner said.
There was some discussion over whether to assess the businesses along the roads now or see how much the work costs the town this winter first; estimates are that it’ll be about $10,000—dependent on the weather.
The properties are already paying town highway taxes, Mr. Tavenner said.
“If we’re going to be plowing it regularly, I have to figure out the cost of labor and materials,” said New Highway Superintendent Wes Foland.
“It all depends on snowfall and ice…”
Councilmen agreed that Mr. Foland will keep track of his expenses, but to protect the safety of the public, taking over the roads can’t wait.