Woof! Woof! Woofwoofwoof!


By Patsy Nicosia

Dog park anyone?
That’s what Frank and Betsy Meredith asked Village of Schoharie Mayor Larry Caza and trustees Tuesday.
Their answer was a resounding “Whoof!”
Longtime dog owners, the Merediths said they’ve seen a lot more people walking their dogs around the village since COVID.
They propose turning the site of the former Schoharie Fire House into a dog park.
It would be a nice asset to the village, Mr. Meredith said; it’s also something that might attract potential residents and could even eventually include things like a preschool playground and picnic tables.
Equipment would be minimal, Mr. Meredith said, suggesting it be funded by grants or as part of a service project.
Sponsored plaques in memory of lost pets could also help cover the cost, he said.
Mayor Caza said a dog park’s been suggested in the past during discussions about the Schoharie Village Trail and he likes the idea.
Buy-in by neighbors would be critical, he said, and legal and liability issues would also have to be addressed.
Mayor Caza suggested the Merediths find a few more people interested in serving on an ad hoc committee to look at those issues and what the park would look like.
The village doesn’t yet own the property, but will be eventually taking it over.