McMichaels' COVID cure gets $ boost


By Jim Poole

Stymied by a lack of funding in February, Delanson scientist John McMichael now has the money to proceed with TML, which has proven to be successful with thousands of COVID patients.
Physicians with Dr. McMichael’s nationwide Beech Tree Labs have found TML to be an effective treatment since the pandemic began more than two years ago.
Doctors can give TML only to patients with whom they have a relationship; government approval is necessary for widespread distribution, and that’s where Dr. McMichael is headed.
TML has had a clinical trial, and Dr. McMichael needed $200,000 for data analysis that follows.
He was stalled in February, but the money came in “from donors, investors, gofundme and complete strangers,” Dr. McMichael said Saturday.
“I want to express my sincere thanks to the support from the community. It’s made a big difference.”
The analysis should take about three weeks, Dr. McMichael said.
That would be timely. On the decline for months, COVID numbers have begun to climb again.
“There’s still some COVID around, and there’s a need for a therapeutic approach,” Dr. McMichael said. “Ninety-nine percent of attention has gone to vaccination. There’s a role for a safe therapeutic like this.”
If the data analysis shows TML is successful, the government may give an emergency use designation to get it on the market quickly or may require a larger clinical trial.
Options for increased production include partnering with the government, a large pharmaceutical company or other countries that have shown interest in TML.
Dr. McMichael could also offer the treatment in mint form on the website––it’s .co instead of .com––that offers some of his products.
He’d rather go the traditional route, however, and keep TML in prescription form; also, because the mint products haven’t been field tested.
“But it’s an option if the analysis is encouraging,” Dr. McMichael said.
The funding is a major step forward in a process stretching back to the early days of the pandemic.
“We started in 2020, thought we’d be done in 2021, and here we are in 2022,” Dr. McMichael said. “There is progress.”
And there’s progress with patients. Dr. McMichael estimated that well more than 5,000 patients have successfully used TML, including a South Carolina physician who sent the treatment to all his patients.
“That’s several thousand right there,” Dr. McMichael said.
He developed TML as a treatment for herpes and influenza viruses about 20 years ago. Through trial and error, physicians found it effective with COVID.