Schoharie moves ahead with School Resource Officer Terry Minton


By Patsy Nicosia

Historically, Schoharie Central School has worked closely with law enforcement.
But with the increase of violence at schools across country—as of May 25, there had been 27 school shootings in 2022, including 19 children and two adults killed in Uvalde, Texas—administrators are looking to add a School Resource Officer from the Schoharie County Sheriff’s Office.
Superintendent Dave Blanchard said Thursday that administrators have already begun walking the school grounds, looking for things like doors propped open, and working “aggressively to keep our students safe.”
As part of that, they’ve been talking with Schoharie County about hiring Deputy Terry Minton, a certified SRO with 24 years of experience, who’s already spent time in the school.
Though the details are still being finalized, Mr. Blanchard said they’re planning to have Deputy Minton in place in time for the first day of school, when he’ll be there for an active shooter training.
“We are not immune from the problems we’re seeing across the country,” Undersheriff Bruce Baker told the School Board.
SROs focus on safety first, he said.
“They are not a disciplinarian. They are not a ‘brother.’ They are not here to lower the hammer of the law.
“They are here to be part of the community and staff,” to help with safety and safety plans and even serve as counselors.
As a SRO, Deputy Minton won’t be arresting students, Undersheriff Baker said, because he wouldn’t want to jeopardize the relationship he’s built with students.
If something like that becomes necessary, he’d call in another deputy.
“Our goal is to establish a firm foundation and be here for years. To bridge that gap. Ultimately, it’s school safety,” he said. “If we can cut the skirmishes you’re seeing in half simply by being here…” other schools will likely start looking at SROs.
School Board President Terry Burton called Deputy Minton “a great fit.”