Middleburgh sewer rehab nearly still done--but still waiting on $


By Patsy Nicosia

Not nearly as exciting at the Gorge Creek Project and summer-long Clauverwie detour, but the Village of Middleburgh is nearly ready to call it a wrap on its $5 million sewer plant rehab.
The 40-year-old sewer plant was badly damaged by flood waters from Hurricane Irene, which left cracks in the building that “you could literally stick your hand through,” Mayor Trish Bergan said Monday.
Initially, the cost of the project, which rebuilt the plant in the same place at considerable savings, was put at $3 million.
The village was able to secure $3 million in grants and is waiting to hear on $2.7 million in “earmarks” passed on from former Congressman Antonio Delgado to his successor, Pat Ryan, after Mr. Delgado was named lieutenant governor in May.
Without that $2.7 million, the remaining $2 million in debt will be passed on to the 219 residents hooked up to the system, “A huge burden,” Mayor Bergan said.
The new plant was mandated by DEC.
Work being funded by a $1 million state Office of Community Renewal grant is the final piece of the project and should be completed by the end of January.