Nat'l recognition for C-R teacher


By Jim Poole

One more Cobleskill-Richmondville teacher received National Board Certification last month.
Alyssa Lillich, a fifth-grade teacher at Radez School, earned the honor.
Dawn Kaminsky at Ryder School was C-R’s first teacher to receive National Board Certification and is a strong supporter.
“What it offers our students is the opportunity to have teachers who are committed to growing and learning right along with them, honing their craft and improving with their profession,” Ms. Kaminsky said.
“It prepares our teachers to take on leadership roles such as mentoring, leading professional development advocating.”
Becoming certified is voluntary professional development and requires 500 hours of work, videos of teaching and analyzing planning and teaching techniques.
Besides Ms. Lillich, Kate Elder and Regina Anderson at Radez and Tracy Smith at the high school completed thier requirements to maintain their National Board Certification, good for five years.
Other NBC C-R teachers are Nancy Goldblatt and Laurie Moretti at the high school, Elizabeth Seyboth at Golding and Kathleen Lumley and Brian Rice at Radez.
That’s a higher percentage than the three-percent national average and one-percent average in New York, Ms. Kaminsky said.
There’s a financial incentive; NBC teachers receive an additional three percent of their annual salary, according to school board President Bruce Tryon.
But it’s much more than money, Mr. Tryon added.
“The attainment and maintenance of National Board Certification is admirable and greatly appreciated as it enhances the teacher techniques and methods which ultimately benefit the students at C-R,” Mr. Tryon said.
“We as a district value the professionalism and dedication displayed by those teachers.”
Ms. Kaminsky reciprocated.
“District support is huge,” she said. “They offer in-service credit and release time for cohort support and annual writing retreats.
“We’re fortunate to have a district that’s supported this right from the start.”