Motocross track proposed in Wright


By Patsy Nicosia

627 Westfall Road, Town of Wright could have a motocross track in its future.
While Kaden Marvin and Jaime Marven, who built and run Holiday Mountain Action Sports LLC in Monticello see the local track as mostly something for private use by family and friends, they’d also like to be able to open it up to the public for monthly events like weekend Yamaha Days April-September.
Kaden Marvin is an Agricultural Engineering instructor at SUNY Cobleskill and is planning to move to the 138-acre parcel his family is buying; they hope to use the back field to build a motocross track, he told the Wright Planning Board Thursday.
His father, Jamie Marvin, said he grew up on a farm in Orange County and plans to keep most of the land in agriculture.
Jamie Marven said they were approached by Yamaha to hold Yamaha Demo Days, an event where the motocross company brings their newest line of dirt bikes in for riders to test out.
Additionally, they’d like to hold four-to-five American Motorcycle District-34 races a year and one “hare scramble”—a race through the fields and woods.
The Marvens estimated there would be about 175 riders plus their families at the Yamaha Days; the events would run 10am-4pm and there would be overnight camping, but no hookups or fuel station.
Parking would be on a five-acre grass lot.
Planning Board members asked about noise—a concern of neighbors—and the Marvens said the bikes would all be regulated to 96 decibels.
Planning Board member Craig Blevins said the proposed project would likely require an engineer and sound studies.
Kevin Henderson, who lives at 597 Westfall Road, said he’s concerned about noise.
“I moved out to the country for peace and quiet,” he said.
They will hear sound, Jamie Marvin said, but no more than from nearby snowmobilers.
Bill and Dawn Bently at 323 Beninnger Road said they’re also concerned about noise—but dust and trash as well.
“If I get dusted out, I’m not going to be a happy camper,” Mr. Bently said.
Other asked about traffic and the track’s impact on hunting.
Luke Gorsin, who lives on Peach Tree Lane, said he welcomes the track.
“These guys seem pretty organized,” he said. “I think it will be a good thing.”
Planners Board members gave the Marvins a list of what they’ll need to submit a sketch plan—the first step in the review process.
“We want to work with the community and be part of it,” Kaden Marvin said. “We hear your concerns.”