SCS voters chose Schoharie Storm


By Patsy Nicosia

And…it’s the Schoharie Storm.
In voting that ended at the end of the school day Wednesday, Schoharie Central School voters have chosen Schoharie Storm as their new mascot.
In ranked voting, Schoharie Storm received the most first-place votes, with Schoharie Hawks finishing second and Schoharie Coyotes, third.
Schoharie Vale finished fifth and last behind the Titans.
SCS began the process in January after State Ed told schools with Native American-themed logos or mascots that they needed to replace them—or face the loss of state aid.
A committee reviewed more than 300 mascot suggestions from community members, narrowing the list down to five for two weeks of ranked voting; 1,952 ballots were returned.
One the results are reviewed by the Board of Education, SCS will hire a graphic artist to design a logo.
The results, listed in the order they appeared on the ballot, with the number of first and last place votes follows:
Schoharie Coyotes—312 first-place votes; 202 last-place votes.
Schoharie Hawks—318 first-place votes, 78 last-place votes.
Schoharie Storm—419 first-place votes; 138 last-place votes.
Schoharie Titans—229 first-place votes; 262 last-place votes.
Schoharie Vale—169 first-place votes; 767 last-place votes.