Supervisors consider local patriots for DAR pavers


By Patsy Nicosia

Who’ll be supervisors’ pick for their paver on the Schoharie Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution’s Patriot Pathway?
Sergeant Jacob Lawyer, who served under Captain Joseph Becker at the Lower Fort?
Joseph I. Borst, a drummer in the 3rd Co 15th Regiment NYS militia?
Or Maria Schell, who defended the family home during a battle at Schell’s Bush in Herkimer County?
That’s the question they’ll be weighing as they look through a list of 24 possibilities before settling on two or three, just in case someone else picks their patriot before them.
The Schoharie DAR is selling 500 pavers for a display in front of their Lasell Hall in Schoharie in an effort timed to coincide with America 250, a celebration of the nation’s upcoming 250th anniversary.
Small pavers are $50; larger ones are $100.
To buy a brick or for more information, contact the DAR’s Chris Osinski at (518) 231-8014 or visit
The DAR has already reached out to the Board of Supervisors about participating and supervisors have said yes; the question now is who.
Friday, supervisors agreed to restrict their choice to local patriots—anyone who served in the military from 1775-83 or who aided or abetted the cause—but that appears to leave out all of the women on the list of possibilities.
They could still, however, come up with one of their own.
Suggested patriots:
Thomas Eckerson Jr.—1st major, 3rd Co, 15th Reg—served Middle Fort.
Joseph Becker—2nd major, commanded forces in Lower Fort.
Jacob Enders—ensign—scout and ranger 1st Co 15th Reg.
Jacob Lawyer—sergeant, served under captain Becker—Lower Fort.
Adam Zimmer—served under Captain Miller, fought at Lower Fort.
Bartholomew Vroman—served 3rd Co 15th Reg, captured August 1780.
Samuel Vroman—merchant and committeeman, enrolled for service.
George Richtmyer—captain—defense of Middle Fort and frontier.
Joseph I. Borst—drummer—3rd CO 15th Reg NYS militia.
Esther De Berdt—organizer, Ladies of Philadelphia, to clothe troops.
Deborah Sampson—defied family to serve in Continental Army.
Molly Hays McCauley—manned cannon, 1778 Battle of Monmouth.
Margaret C. Cobin—camp follower, wounded November 16, 1776, relacing husband.
Margaret M. Barry—became known as heroine of the Battle of Cowpens.
Maria Schell—defended home during raid on their blockhouse.
Sybil Ludington—40-mile night ride through parts of New York to alert patriots.
Martha Washington—established Daughters of Liberty, bringing comfort to soldiers.
Also, famous patriots needing no introduction: Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Philip Schuyler, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and Ethan Allen.