Goodrich in "secure mental facility"


By Jim Poole

West Fulton can breathe a little easier.
Brian Goodrich, the man who shot at buildings in the hamlet nearly two years ago, is in a secure mental health facility.
Schoharie County Judge Ryan McAllister ruled earlier this month that Mr. Goodrich spend six months in the facility to receive treatment.
In March 2022, State Police charged Mr. Goodrich with using a hunting rifle to fire shots at the Sap Bush Café, West Fulton Firehouse and a resident’s outdoor pool. Troopers charged him with criminal mischief.
At a trial this past December, Mr. Goodrich was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect,” which meant that he would be evaluated by a psychiatrist and psychologist.
Those doctors––Gary Ciuffetelli and Michelle Stein––testified at Mr. Goodrich’s hearing early in February.
“They saw the same facts, and each gave an opinion,” said Schoharie County District Attorney Susan Mallery.
The physicians determined that Mr. Goodrich had a dangerous mental disorder, and with his ruling, Judge McAllister agreed.
West Fulton residents had been anxious that evaluations would determine that Mr. Goodrich could return to the hamlet this winter.
In particular, residents noted that after his original arrest and an order not to have guns, he was found to have some.
Mr. Goodrich will have another evaluation and hearing in six months, and if the finding is the same, he’ll return to the facility for another year, Ms. Mallery said.
Another hearing would follow; if the finding’s the same, he’ll be in the facility for two more years.
Mr. Goodrich will get treatment and medicine, and “sometimes that turns things around,” Ms. Mallery said.