School budget: all but Jefferson say yes


School budgets received voter approval in all Times-Journal area school districts except Jefferson.
In Jefferson, voters rejected the proposed $8.1 million budget 100-96.
Voters approved a bus purchase, 106-89, and the establishment of a capital reserve fund, 98-97.
Frederick Blumberg won a five-year term on the school board, receiving 134 votes. Phoebe Schreiner received 47, and write-in candidates Luke Van Cleef, 15.
Cobleskill-Richmondville voters overwhelmingly approved the $47.1 million budget, 543-130.
Incumbents Aimee Yorke and Dominga Lent were re-elected to the school board with 434 and 352 votes, respectively. Challengers Paige Bulmer received 257 votes and Bobbi Wilding, 252.
Voters also approved The Community Library budget, 541-137.
Gilboa-Conesville’s $12.2 million budget passed easily, 117-26.
Voters also approved a proposition to buy two buses, 126-24, and the establishment of a reserve fund, 117-29.
Greg Woodcock defeated Aurora Zinck-Cornell for a school board seat, 95-51.
Voters in Worcester approved their $12.8 million school budget 128-64.
Stacy Serdy, running unopposed, was re-elected to a five-year term on the school board.
Voters also approved the budget for the Worcester Free Library, 108-84.
In Sharon Springs, voters overwhelmingly approved an $11,285,624 budget, 95-5.
They also approved a proposed bus purchase at a cost not to exceed $170,000, 88-13, and re-elected Helen Roberts to the school board with 81 votes.
In Schoharie, voters approved a $27,623,921 budget, 244-128; approved a bus purchase, 259-113; and elected Laura Rosenthal, with 228 votes, and Brad Bruno, with 201, to the school board.
Other school board candidates Steven Underwood polled 126 votes; incumbent Lynda Lewandowski, 124.
SCS voters also approved a library tax levy of $146,000, 255-117; created a capital reserve fund, 255-117; and created a bus purchase capital reserve fund, 250-122.
Middleburgh voters approved their $24.9 million budget, with 69.9 percent in favor and 30.1 percent against.
Voters also approved a proposition to buy three buses and establish a bus and vehicle reserve fund. They also approved a proposition to move $200,000 from the fund balance to the repair reserve fund.
Pamela Standhart and Becky Binder were re-elected to three-year terms on the school board.