McNulty always a good friend


By Jim Poole

Schoharie County lost a good friend at the federal level when Congressman Mike McNulty announced his retirement Monday, according to Cliff Hay.
Mr. Hay, the county Democratic Party chairman, was in the audience at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albany when Mr. McNulty said he wouldn’t seek re-election next year.
“We’ll miss him. He’s done an incredible job,” Mr. Hay said.
In a press release, Mr. McNulty said he’s stepping down when his 10th term is finished because he wants to spend more time with his family.
Also, the Congressman suffered polio when he was two years old and he now suffers from Post Polio Syndrome. Mr. McNulty wears a brace on his right leg and uses an electric scooter in the Capitol.
Post Polio Syndrome “does affect my stamina, and, to some extent, my mobility,” Congressman McNulty said. “My condition has not yet affected my ability to do this job, but I know that some day it could.”
When he completes his current term, Mr. McNulty will have been in office 20 years. He became Schoharie County’s congressman when Congressional Districts were altered after the 2000 census.
“I’ve known him for 40 years,” said Mr. Hay. “His integrity, without a doubt, is his best quality.
“And he doesn’t look at party affiliations. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, he’ll help you out.”
Mr. Hay pointed to Congressman McNulty’s re-election last year as proof of his wide popularity. He won every county, city, town and village in the seven-county district and had the highest number of votes for any congressional candidate in the state.
“That tells you something,” Mr. Hay said.