4th Wake the Folks Up coming to SUNY


The Student Environmental Action Committee, a club at SUNY Cobleskill, will hold its day-long “Wake the Folk Up IV” at the Ski Lodge from 11am-6pm on Saturday, November 8.
The event will bring together the campus and downtown communities, along with local high school students, to learn about social, environmental, political, and economic issues through eights presentations and two workshops.
Before lunch, Suzanne Fine, an early education professor at SUNY Cobleskill will hold a workshop on recycling in schools.
Ms. Fine encourages creativity and social responsibility in the classroom.
The other workshop will feature Katy Aitchison and Annie Fonda teaching tribal belly dancing.
Local activities Elliott Adams, who practices peaceful protesting, will be the first speaker.
Mr. Adams will speak on the stages of “change movements” and the role people play in them.
Then, David Tisch will discuss the issue of grass-fed versus grain-fed beef by questioning the carbon dioxide footprint of beef production after transportation to market and ask whether locally produced food is the real issue to focus on.
Fisheries instructor Mark Cornwell will use a 100-year-old study to talk about local evidence of climate change, and Cobleskill Mayor Mike Sellers will talk about serving in government in his 20s.
Professor Christina Trees will discuss population trends and their economic implications; Ed Stander, another SDUNY Cobleskill professor, will ask, “Are we really as bad off as we think we are?,” offering a different persspective on global disaster.
Pam Collins, another SUNY Cobleskill professor, will speak on the role of art in activism, and Ryan McIntyre, a medical student working on his masters degree in public health, will talk about single-payer health care.
The presentations will run an hour each; discussion is welcome.
There will be an environmental poster contest for high school students with cash prizes and Tom Wadsworth and his Skeleton Band will perform during the pot-luck lunch and at the end of the event.
SEAC will provide cider, tea, and coffee; guests willing to bring a dish to share can email Emilie Tisch at tische001@cobleskill.edu.
Bring your own utensils and cups.