DA finds Village of Cobleskill did no wrong


In a press release issued late Tuesday evening, the Schoharie County Sheriff’s Department said an investigation into accusations Village of Cobleskill trustees and employees acted improperly regarding Bob LaPietra’s nominating petition were without merit.
Trustee Mark Galasso had asked for the investigation by District Attorney Jim Sacket.
According to the release, at the direction of Mr. Sacket, the Sheriff’s Office began a three-week investigation into the charges on October 9; results were turned over to Mr. Sacket for his review on Monday.
“Upon a review of the investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office has determined that no official misconduct or other criminal wrongdoing occurred,” the release read.
“The facts developed through the Sheriff’s Office investigation are consistent with the documentation presented by Trustees MacKay and Gilmore to the Village of Cobleskill Board of Trustees on October 7.
“Based on the foregoing, no further inquiry in warranted.”
Trustee Carol McGuire’s challenge to Mr. LaPietra’s petition to run as village trustee was thrown out on a technicality.
However, Mr. LaPietra, who remains on the ballot, was subsequently charged with numerous felonies in connection with his petition.
Mr. Galasso questioned several meetings between Ms. McGuire, Village Attorney Meredith Savitt, and Codes Office employees before Mr. LaPietra was charged and call ed for a village investigation into them.
When trustees balked, Mr. Galasso took his concerns to Mr. Sacket.
Mr. MacKay and Mr. Gilmore did end up investigating, releasing their findings two weeks ago, and deciding there was no impropriety.