10 CPI business signs taken


By David Avitabile

The Cobleskill Village Police are looking for information on the continued theft of business signs.
Signs were stolen again sometime early Sunday morning at the corners of Main and Division Streets and South Grand and Main Streets, said Chief Michael O’Brien.
The signs, owned by Cobleskill Partnership Inc, are valued at about $50 each, he said.
At least 10 signs have been taken from the Division and South Grand Street locations, the Chief said. The latest theft occurred between 3 and 6am on Sunday.
Two people were arrested on November 23 on charges of damaging or taking signs from the Division Street location.
Chief O’Brien said he does not know why the signs are being taken but the thefts are probably related.
“It’s highly unlikely that the consistent larceny of these signs is not related,” he said Monday, noting that the same signs are being taken on a regular basis.
It is the third or fourth time that the signs have been tampered with or taken from these two locations, Chief O’Brien said.
The thefts of the business signs started in 2007. On at least four occasions that year, the signs at the corner of Union Street were tampered with or taken, the Chief said. The problems then moved to the Division and South Grand Street locations.
The Cobleskill Village Police “are working on some leads,” Chief O’Brien said, but he is urging anyone with information to contact the police. The information will be kept confidential.
“There have to be some people who know what’s going on,” he said.
Anyone with information is urged to call the police at 234-2923.