Swine flu arrives in county


By David Avitabile

As it has throughout the rest of New York State, swine flu has infected people in Schoharie County.
County health officials last week announced that two county residents were confirmed to have mild cases of the H1N1 influenza, more commonly known as swine flu.
The two people, who were not identified, have mild cases, were not hospitalized and are recovering, said Kathleen Strack, the public health director.
County officials expect to discover more cases, she said.
“Invariably, it’s here,” she told county supervisors on Friday morning.
On Wednesday, county officials said there are no reported increases of flu-like illnesses in the general community or in schools in the county.
Ms. Strack said the World Health Organization has declared the H1N1 flu to be at the pandemic level 6 which means it is not stoppable and pharmaceutical companies have been asked to come up with vaccines.
Mild flu illnesses do not have to be reported or tested, county officials said. Anyone with flu-like illness is requested to help prevent the spread of the illness to others by staying home until symptoms subside, covering your mouth when coughing and practicing good hand hygiene.