Scouts to recycle trees


By Jim Poole

It’s time to un-decorate that Christmas tree and put it on the curb for Troop 5 Cobleskill.
The Boy Scouts are collecting the trees to be chopped into mulch this Saturday morning.
At the same time, they’re also continuing their returnable can and bottle drive to raise money for Scout supplies.
Scouts will be circulating through the village to get the goods. Contrary to last year, when there was some confusion on how the village would use the Scouts’ collected trees, this year they’ve been assured the pines, firs and spruces will become mulch.
Ruth Van Deusen, who’s helping coordinate the drive, said Scouts have been working with Cobleskill’s Tree Committee.
“We’ve had great cooperation from the village this year,” she said. “We have everyone helping. It’s very nice.”
Scouts collected curbside returnable cans and bottles twice in November and this past Saturday. This coming Saturday’s collection is the last until February 13.
The can-and-bottle money will go to the Scouts’ supply fund.
“We’re looking to buy hoodies so they can be identified when they’re doing activities,” Ms. Van Deusen said. “And there’s some additional cooking and camping equipment on their wish list to buy.”
Troop 5 is sponsored by the Cobleskill Rotary Club.