CPI kicks off 2010; focuses goals


By Jim Poole

Cobleskill Partnership Inc. is looking back and looking ahead. Back, to a successful 2009, and ahead to a promising 2010.
CPI, the downtown improvement group, held its reorganizational meeting on Thursday, reaffirming its goal of strengthening Cobleskill’s business district.
Starting his second year as president, Brian Kaiser said CPI should tackle projects that are within its abilities.
“We have to stay focused,” he told the board of directors. “We have limited resources and we can’t be spreading ourselves to thin.
“We have to assess our ability to achieve projects, not just conceive ideas and projects that we can’t accomplish.”
He pointed to projects CPI did accomplish last year:
• Grants for façade improvement. CPI gave up to $750 each to about a dozen businesses that took part.
• The start of the Community Plaza at the corner of Main and Division streets.
• A lineup of downtown events that included Arts in the Park, trick-or-treating, Cabin Fever, the holiday parade and others.
CPI also “worked the bugs out” of its website, cobleskillpartnership.com, and added new members, Mr. Kaiser added.
While stressing that CPI had a successful 2009, he noted that “there’s still lots to do” in 2010.
Aside from specific projects, such as finishing the Community Plaza, Mr. Kaiser said the group should work with organizations to improve Cobleskill.
“We recognize that they probably have limited resources, just like we do,” he said. “I think we all have to leverage our relationships.”
Mr. Kaiser is also optimistic about new village Mayor Mark Nadeau, who’s worked with CPI in the past.
“We have a new administration in place that ‘gets it’ more than others have,” Mr. Kaiser said.
“It’s not about cutting taxes; it’s about growing this business community.”
In organizing for the coming year, CPI directors welcomed two new board members, Kathy Smith and Angie Frank.
Directors also approved 2010 officers. Besides Mr. Kaiser as president, John Sagendorf is vice president, Jenn Regelski is treasurer and Maggie Jackman Pryor is secretary.
Committee chairs are: Streetscapes, Mike Langan and Tim Snyder; Business Development, Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Sagendorf; Audit, Sam Shevat; Events, Ms. Smith and Jacqui Hauser; and Membership, Eric Stein and Angie Frank.