County still considering health services sale


By David Avitabile

A group of Schoharie County supervisors will meet with the Board of Health before officially signing the agreements to let a private firm manage and eventually purchase the certified home health care agency services in the county.
At their July meeting Friday, held at the new Carlisle town hall, supervisors once again debated the merits of allowing a private firm, Health Care of Rochester, take over the home health services.
At a special meeting last month, supervisors agreed in a close vote, to allow HCR to manage the services and then buy it for about $300,000.
The county board of health, which has control of the county CHHA, still has to give its approval before the sale is complete, officials said.
Supervisors heard Friday that some changes have been put in the agreements including a $10,000 performance account to make sure that services are provided adequately throughout the county and if HCR decided to opt out of the agreement within the first three years, the county can buy back the services for $1.
Phil Skowfoe of Fulton said there has not been enough communication with the board of health and they were not in favor of selling.
Dennis Richards of Middleburgh said meetings have been held with the department and services to the people of the county are foremost ands the board of health will agree.
Mr. Skowfoe said a company in the business just to make money “won’t go the extra mile to provide services.”
Martin Shrederis of Schoharie said, “This company is top notch. We need to move forward.” The company will be able to provide more services.
Dan Singletary of Jefferson said the board of health will “agree for the betterment of the people of the county.”
A motion to sign the agreements with HCR was tabled and Marie Campbell of Broome said she would like to meet again with the board of health.
“We need to work together,” Ms. Singletary said.
It was agreed to have Ms. Campbell, Ms. Singletary and Bill Goblet of Wright attend the next board of health meeting.
“It’s a good starting point,” Ms. Campbell said.
The CHHA has been run through the county and provides nursing services to people at home for health issues or after surgeries.