Nominations open for 2010 TJ Star


With the last of the Thanksgiving dishes finally washed, it’s time for the next holiday tradition:
The search for the Times-Journal Star.
This year will mark the 19tth time that the T-J has asked for readers’ help in selecting someone who’s influenced the community in a positive way over the past year for the honor.
Past Stars have come from a variety of fields: Agriculture, education, the arts, and community service to name a few.
The ideal Star nominee is someone who’s made a significant contribution, but not necessarily as part of their job, but “above and beyond.”
And while we appreciate the fact that there are hundreds of people in the community who’ve dedicated years to making it a better place, we’re especially interested in the name of people who’ve made the biggest impact over the past year.
Nominations should include the name of the person being nominated and why he or she deserves the 2010 honor.
We also need the name of the person doing the nominating in case we have questions or need any more information.
Nominations can be made in several ways:
• Email and put “TJ Star” in the subject line.
• Call us, (518) 234-2515.
• Fax us, (518) 234-7898.
• Or mail us, PO Box 339, Cobleskill, NY 12043.
We can’t accept nominations on our Facebook page, but readers are welcome to discuss this year’s contest there.
Whoever the winner is, they’ll join an impressive list of luminaries:
2009—John Radliff.
2008—Carol Coltrain.
2007—Eric Stein.
2006—Lester Hendrix.
2005—Mark Eamer.
2004—Jacqui Hauser and Brian Kaiser.
2003—Frances Tripp.
2002—Richard Ball.
2001—Ray Richards.
2000—Sonny Ochs.
1999—Bob Herodes.
1998—Kevin Neary.
1997—Bud Gunzinger.
1996—John Sagendorf.
1995—Harold Vroman.
1994—Adele Hayes.
1993—Bill Averill.
1992—John Elkan.