And the Star finalists are...


It looks like a record number of both nominees and nominations for the 2010 Times-Journal Star and don’t worry:
The judges have been agonizing over this year’s pick since they started rolling in.
We’ll profile this year’s winner in the first T-J of 2011.
Until then, here’s the list of nominees.
-Paul and Loretta Nelson, for their determination to maintain a presence in Cobleskill after the fire in their building.
-Philip Skowfoe, an all-around nice guy who seems to get things done.
-Mimi Scolaro, for her “grassroots action against the political machines that assume they are beyond question.”
-Darlene Patterson, for her tireless work as president of the Schoharie Promotional Association.
-Tony Desmond, who “truly demonstrates what it means to be caring and compassionate and respectful…”
-The Times-Journal for its “vigorous and relentless news and editorial coverage of Cobleskill’s “n-word” controversy this summer.
-Ken King, someone who can be counted on to assist in community events.”
-Kathy Slater, in part for stepping in to oversee the County Home Health Agency this summer.
-Greg Furlong and the Leatherstocking Honor Flight, “whose only motive is to get as many veterans as possible to the World War II Memorial while they can still go.”
-Tim Shackelton, for sharing his love of music with his students for more than 30 years.
-Dean Haskins, for tireless efforts in resurrecting Cobleskill’s Little League program.
-Cynthia Wilson, who has “worked tirelessly for many years on behalf of the community, the environment, and the artists of Schoharie County.”
-Betsy Bernocco, for working hard as an advocate for Schoharie County residents as present of the Board of Health for the past year.
-Susan Spivack, one of the first to respond to news of racial slurs this summer, “and months later, her efforts have not slacked off in the least.”
-Ted Brinkman, for his service as interim mayor and his years of service to the community.
-Cherie Stevens, for the great job she does for the community.
-The late Geoffrey Armlin, “an amazing young man with many talents and a determination to fight.”
-Earl VanWormer, for his leadership at all levels.
-Alicia Terry and Paul Brady, for picking up the pieces to deal with the Schoharie County budget crisis.
-Alex Rohac, for his work to keep youth soccer alive and available to kids in the Sharon community.
-The late Paul “Smiley” Thorington, a longtime emergency services volunteer who saved many lives during his time.
-Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, the Fabulous Beekman Boys, for showing the rest of the world what a great place Sharon Springs and Schoharie County are.
-Carol McGuire and Paulette Danforth, “for their tireless efforts to house the homeless and feed the hungry.”
-Maggie Jackman Pryor. “Maggie was born and raised in Schoharie County and I don’t think I know anyone else who’s given back as much as she has.”
-Millie Lonie, for her dedication to the Lark Street Senior Center.
-Beverly and Neil Stanton, for serving their community, always with a smile.
-The late TL Wright for giving so much to the community.
-The late Frances Tripp [a past Times-Journal Star]. “A great treasure has passed away.”
-Wes and Darcy Laraway for their care of wildlife and eduational programs through the New York Wildlife Center.
-Anne Myers, “the most recognizable face of SUNY Cobleskill in the off-campus community for many years.”
-The late Susan Ball, a strong supporter of the Schoharie Valley.