Animal Shelter doubles reward


By Jim Poole

The Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley is doubling the ante.
Shelter President Mina Stella on Monday raised the reward from $250 to $500 for information leading to the conviction of whoever burglarized the shelter a month ago.
There’s been little progress in the case, according to Investigator David Ayers of the State Police station in Cobleskill.
“We’ve been interviewing people, but it’s a slow go,” Investigator Ayers said.
A thief or thieves broke into the Howes Cave facility the night of January 30 and took a safe containing $190 and personal checks and dog medicine from a locked cabinet.
Ms. Stella offered the $250 reward two weeks ago and said Monday that she hoped raising the amount would encourage information.
“Maybe somebody will be more apt to come forward and say something,” Ms. Stella said.
Investigator Ayers believes whoever broke in was familiar with the shelter. Little was disturbed, and the key for the locked medicine cabinet was returned to the drawer it belongs.
Some people who work at the shelter are performing community service as punishment for a crime, and Investigator Ayers is looking into those workers.
“We’re slowly going through the list, trying to track everyone down,” he said.
The Investigator said two weeks ago, and again on Monday, that a break-in like this one is difficult to solve.
“It could be somebody who gets picked up for something else will say, ‘I know who did the shelter,’ ” Investigator Ayers said. “That happens sometimes.”
The shelter is conducting a large fund drive to construct a new building. The fund-drive money isn’t kept at the shelter and is deposited in a bank, Ms. Stella said.
Anyone with information can contact Investigator Ayers at the Cobleskill State Police station, 234-9400.