History Fair brings together Sharon community


The Sharon Historical Society will join with the Parent Involvement Committee of Sharon Springs Central School to hold the second annual Family Learning Expo Thursday, March 24 from 6-8pm in the Doig Gymnasium.
The subject this year will be the history of Sharon Springs, and students K-12 will create projects that examine some aspect of this topic in a Science Fair-like format.
The project will be done as a family, and students, parents and grandparents are encouraged to participate together.
The Parent Involvement Committee includes Tammy Behr, chair; John Walker, Rebecca Esterman, Peri Schwabrow, Heather Bivins, Mary Winnie, Christine Lyon, Dan Cornwell and Superintendent Patterson Green.
They are working together with Nancy DiPace Pfau, Sharon town historian; Karen Cookson, Sharon Historical Society president; and Sandra Manko, town supervisor and author of many books on Sharon history published by the Historical Society.
Ms. Pfau, Ms. Cookson and Ms. Manko will be the judges of the History Fair exhibits on March 24.
Projects will be on public display in the Auditorium Atrium in May.
Members of the Sharon Historical Society are available to the students and families as resources and advisors, and the Society has provided books and historical items as well.
The Mitchell Collection of documents and artifacts is already on display at the school, and may also be used as topics for research.
The Sharon Historical Society has instituted a Student Historical Society Membership this year, and is offering free 2011 student membership to all entrants in the History Fair. Regular student memberships will be $1 per year, and offer all the benefits of a regular adult membership.
Some project examples already submitted and in process feature a meterorite that fell on the local farm of a student’s grandparents, the history of a Great Western Turnpike Stage Stop that is now a private residence, and Civil War artifacts that illustrate the 150th Anniversary of that historical event. The Society and local businesses will donate prizes for the History Fair.
For more information, contact Ms. Behr at Sharon Springs Central School.