Blenheim starts work on Comprehensive Plan


The Town of Blenheim has established a Comphrehensive Plan Committee.
The five-member committee will develop a Town Comprehensive Plan as has been done in most towns in Schoharie County.
Members of the Committee include Larry Bliss, Rhonda Downs, Melissa Graham, Anne Mattice-Strauch and Don Airey.
The plan will work to identify unique, historic, natural and other features of Blenheim for preservation, economic development and cultural/recreational pur-poses.
In addition, the plan will also provide the framework in which future local laws will be considered or adopted.
According to Mr. Airey, who’s chairing the committee, one of the most important aspects of a comprehensive plan is the consideration and implementation of the desires of the residents and property owners of Blenheim for the town’s roadmap for the future.
Issues such as land use, agriculutural preservation, residential development, gen-eral preservation, economic development, industrial uses, tourism, government grant opportunities, overall town growth, and a shared vision for the future will be addressed, he said.
In part, this will be accomplished through the distribution of a town survey and public hearing and comment sessions, Mr. Airey said.
The committee will also consider what residents may not want for the town’s future.
Periodic informational meetings which will be publicly advertised so that residents can be advised of the progress of the plan. It is expected this process will require approximately 18 months before a draft plan is submitted to the town board for approval.
Meetings are held at the Blenheim Town Hall every last Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.
For further information, contact Mr. Airey, 294-6066 during weekdays or (607) 652-7492 on evenings or weekends.
Emails can be sent to