Apply now to wear Dairy Princess crown


The Schoharie County Dairy Promotion Committee is taking applications for 2011-12 Schoharie County Dairy Princess and Dairy Ambassadors Program.
To apply for Dairy Princess, a candidate must be a single woman, age 16-24, with a connection to the dairy industry.
This connection may include being the daughter or granddaughter of a dairy farmer, daughter of a dairy farm manager or herdsman, daughter of someone employed in a dairy related industry, owner of at least two dairy cows and involved in a 4-H or FFA club, being a dairy science student, or employed on a dairy farm or dairy-related business.
The Dairy Princess and her court will be responsible for promoting milk and dairy products with the use of the 3-Every-Day of Dairy message throughout Schoharie County over the next year.
In addition to completing a short written application, applicants will be asked to attend an evening orientation event to be held in early June. Candidates will also present a 3-5 minute speech on a dairy-related topic at the Schoharie County Dairy Princess Pageant and answer an impromptu question.
For more information or to request an application, call Committee Chair Lisa Stanton, 296-8662, or Committee member Michele Strobeck, 295-8770, or e-mail
Completed application forms must be received by no later than 4pm on Thursday, May 26.