Worcester's only budget to fail


All but one local school budget passed in voting Tuesday.
Worcester voters rejected their $10.4 million budget, 172-272.
William Fisher II was elected to the WCS Board of Education with 322 votes.
In Cobleskill-Richmondville, the $34.2 million budget passed, 850-629.
For school board seats, winners were Russ Smith with 764 votes, Bruce Tryon with 613 votes, and Steve Philbrick, with 790 votes.
Dan Schulte got 596 votes, Jason Becker, 610; and Rose Surman, 615.
A bus proposition passed, 815-645.
The $245,416 Community Library budget passed, 873-562.
In Schoharie, voters OKed their $19.9 million budget, 480-361.
James Bleau and Linda Isles were elected to the school board with 371 and 334 votes respectively.
Other candidates: Pamela Newell, 201; Wanda Colyer, 247; Todd Cipperly, 203l and Paul Stoddard, 207.
The bus proposition passed, 467-358.
In Middleburgh, the $20.2 million budget passed, 475-395.
Elected to the school board were: Maurice Lawton, 432; Michael Fisher, 495; and Kim Smith, 521.
Other candidates: Dennis Pitts, 292; and Bobbie Fain, 385.
In Sharon Springs, the $8.4 million budget passed, 182-65.
Dorothy Harding was elected to the school board with 106 votes.
Other candidates: John DeGiovanni, 69; and Chester Pinder, 61.
The bus proposition passed, 156-90.
Jefferson voters approved their budget, 201-115, and elected Sara Bonafine to the school board with 106 votes. Bobbi Bellinger polled 106 votes.
At Gilboa-Conesville, the budget was approved, 170-84.
Evelyn Adams was elected to the school board with 183 votes.