Flood Bucks a way to help flooded, businesses


By Patsy Nicosia

Hoping to keep Schoharie County's Christmas money in...Schoharie County, the Chamber of Commerce and the Carlisle Fire Department are teaming up to offer something called Flood Bucks.
Simply explained, the Flood Bucks will act like gift certificates to participating local businesses.
There's no cost to businesses to participate-though they have to submit a form agreeing to take the Flood Bucks. (See below.)
The money for the Flood Bucks will come from a pot of donations the Carlisle FD already has started.
People will also be able to donate to that pot directly-and be entered in a raffle drawing for their generosity; they'll also be able to buy Flood Bucks to give as gifts, specifying the business they want them redeemed at.
Deb Christman of the Carlisle Fire Department said the idea grew out of some donations they've received.
"The challenge was trying to figure out how to get them into the hands of flood survivors," she explained.
"Then, the more we talked about it, the more we realized we wanted to keep the money here if we could."
Ms. Christman said Flood Bucks will be issued only in amounts of $25.
No change or store credit will be issued for anything that goes unspent.
For example, she said, if a bill at a participating local restaurant comes to $19.95, the restaurant will keep that nickel.
Once organizers have a list of businesses willing to accept the Flood Bucks, flood survivors will able to apply for them, Ms. Christman explained.
Again, they'll be able to request specific businesses they'd like the Flood Bucks redeemable at, depending on their individual needs.
More information on that process will be made available at it develops.
Details are also still being worked out for the raffle.
Items already donated for that include: A Kirby Sentria with carpet cleaning system valued at $1,295; a child's Glendalough Woolen Mills sweater hand-knit in Ireland; a Schoharie Valley blanket, an electric grill, and a Proctor-Silex slow cooker.
More items are coming.
For each $25 donation to the "pot" made to sponsor a flood survivor, donors will be entered in the raffle.
For each $25 Flood Buck purchased as a gift for family and friends (they don't need to be flood survivors) those buying the Bucks will also be entered in the raffle.
"We're just trying to keep the money here in the community so we can all recover faster," Ms. Christman added.
Businesses interested in accepting the Flood Bucks need to fill out the form below and return it to the Chamber of Commerce, c/o Community Bank, 750 East Main Street, Cobleskill 12043.
For more information on Flood Bucks or to donate, contact the Chamber at 827-3900 or the Carlisle Fire Department at 234-2134.