Looks like Buzon, Milone winners


By David Avitabile

The votes are not yet final but it is clear that for the first time in about 20 years, the Democrats will control the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors.
The absentee ballots and affidavits were opened Tuesday morning and the final vote totals may not be released until this week but county elections officials said that the victories of Democrats James Buzon of Middleburgh and Gene Milone of Schoharie have been upheld.
Each man held a small lead after election night. Though the vote totals are not yet final, election officials said Mr. Buzon maintained his lead of 45 votes over Republican David Lloyd and Mr. Milone widened his lead of 38 votes over Republican incumbent Martin Shrederis.
The vote does not have to be certified until December 12.
With those two victories, it gives the Democrats 1,634 weighted votes on the board to 1,340 for the Republicans.
The GOP, though, will have 10 members on the county board to only six for the Democrats but the Democrats now control the three largest towns in the county: Cobleskill, Middleburgh and Schoharie.
Incumbents won supervisor races in 13 towns and there were three new supervisors elected, each in a different party from his or her predecessor.
In Broome, Republican Anne Batz was unopposed. She replaces Democrat Marie Campbell who did not seek re-election.
In Middleburgh, Mr. Buzon will replace Republican Dennis Richards, who also did not seek-re-election.
The weighted votes on the county board are based on the population of the 16 towns in the county.
Cobleskill has the most weighted votes with 481, Middleburgh is second with 352 and Schoharie is third with 326.
The largest town now controlled by the GOP is Richmondville with 241 weighted votes.
Blenheim has the least weighted votes with 33.
Several appointed positions on the county level could change when the Democrats come to power in January.
In early January, supervisors will elect a board chairman and then select a county attorney and board clerk.
Republican Harold Vroman of Summit has been chairman for the past year. Republican Earl VanWormer of Esperance, who is still on the board, was chairman for several years before Mr. Vroman.
The longest tenured Democrat on the board is Phil Skowfoe of Fulton.
Elections officials said that a town board race in Broome between Jeremy Dupont and Joe Piscatella, in which each man received 111 votes on Election Day, should be decided this week.