BB car shootings continue


By Jim Poole

Shootings of car windows persist despite the arrest of four suspects two weeks ago.
State Police and the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office reported about a dozen incidents over the past 10 days, roughly in the same area as earlier shootings.
"It's either a BB gun or pellet gun; they leave the telltale hole," said Sheriff Tony Desmond. "They've hit campers, trailers and cars."
State Police two weeks ago arrested Thomas J. Mercer, Michael A. Kissinger and Robert Manchester, all of Carlisle, and Derrick Young of Sharon. Troopers charged each with third-degree criminal mischief, a felony.
They were accused of shooting out nearly 80 vehicle windows with BB or pellet guns over three months.
Those four were released pending further court action, and police doubt they're involved with the more recent shootings.
"I doubt very much they're involved," said Sheriff Desmond, "but anything's possible in the world of crime."
Sergeant Chris Zaba of the State Police in Cobleskill wouldn't comment on the four being involved, and Sheriff Desmond said they could be copy-cat crimes.
"We're just not sure," the Sheriff said.
Most of the earlier shootings were in Carlisle, Sharon and Esperance.
Sheriff Desmond said the recent shootings were in Sharon Springs, the Town of Sharon, Esperance, Cobleskill, Seward and Carlisle.
Several more were reported in Esperance and Central Bridge Monday morning.
Both Sheriff Desmond and Sergeant Zaba were reluctant to release more information because the investigation is continuing.
But Sergeant Zaba offered advice.
"Be vigilant," he warned homeowners. "If you see something, say something. Try to get the plate number, a description of their car and the occupants."
Anyone with information should call 911 if it's an emergency or the Sheriff's Office at 295-8114 or the State Police at 234-3131 if it's not an emergency.