Audible siren test Wednesday, May 9


Schoharie has announced that all of the audible warning sirens used in a dam emergency or dam failure have been repaired and are passing the weekly silent testing.
The first post-disaster audible test will be held on Wednesday, May 9.
There will be a local representative located at each of the audible warning siren locations for this first audible test. They will verify that the sirens are audible and serve as a visible assurance to residents that they are safe. After May 9, normal procedures for audible testing (without personnel located at the sirens) will resume and continue on the second Wednesday of each month.
The test will start at 12:25pm when 911 Dispatch Center announces the start of the audible test over radio frequency and the sirens will be activated at 12:30pm. Once complete, a dispatcher will announce the end of the test, as they do each month.
Everyone should be aware that the monthly audible testing with be resuming. For questions or concerns, contact the Emergency Management office at 295-2276.
Please do not call 911 unless you have an actual emergency situation.