Give the Gift of Home this Christmas


By Patsy Nicosia

This Christmas, how about giving someone...
...The Gift of Home.
A year-plus after Hurricane Irene, Schoharie Area Long Term Recovery (SALT) estimates millions are still needed to help everyone hit by the 300-year flood and its aftermath return home.
With that in mind, the coalition has created Give the Gift of Home, an alternative giving campaign that lets shoppers buy everything from a bucket of nails to a foundation to an entire home for those still looking to return to theirs.
Give the Gift of Home is modeled after similar efforts like Heifer International, which lets donors contribute towards things like bees or sheep for families in need around the world.
It's likely the only one of its kind with such a local focus, said Sarah Goodrich, SALT executive director.
"So many of us have all we need-especially after last year," Ms. Goodrich said.
"This seemed like a good way to help the community and local businesses with a different kind of gift."
Give the Gift's donor categories are detailed on SALT's website,, and in flyers that are just going out.
Among them: Pieces of the Puzzle, $50; Recreate Beauty, $100; and Washers, Dryers & Ovens, Oh My!, $300.
Donations, however, can be made for any portion of any level.
The idea is that shoppers will "buy" something in honor of a gift recipient.
Ms. Goodrich said SALT will send out cards to acknowledge the gift, either directly to the recipient or to the donor.
All "purchases" will be matched dollor for dollar through a $250,000 matching grant from Fenimore Asset Management, which doubles its value.
Again, visit the website for more information or to donate, or call SALT at 702-5017.