Here they are: 2012 TJ Star nominees


So while the rest of you were opening your Christmas gifts and bagging up the discarded ribbons and bows, at the Times-Journal we were struggling to decide on our 2012 Star.
We've picked the winner, but's a secret till next week.
Here's a list of the nominees.
• Pam Foland.
• Carol Coltrain.
• Matthew Avitabile.
• Georgia VanDyke.
• Paulette Danforth and Carol McGuire.
• Josh DeBartola.
• Gary Bywater.
• Janice Peters.
• Sarah Goodrich.
• Ginny Schaum.
• Sarah Goodrich and Sherri Meyer-Veen.
• Schoharie County Soil and Water Conservation District.
• Lisa Zaccaglini and Mike Shuster.
•Cheri Stevens.
• Misty Wayman.
• Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell.
• Bill Cherry.
• Sharon Springs Central School's iPad Project.
• Ginny Miller Schaum.
• Susan McGiver.
• Suzanne Mczoff.
• Adele Morrissey.
• Gail Bender and Joe and Betsy Bernocco.
• Maggie Mattice.
• Karin Stevenson.