Unusual spring delays tree pick-up


In an unusual move, Schoharie County Soil & Water Conservation District's Annual Tree & Shrub pick-up dates have been postponed until Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4.
"Mother Nature just isn't cooperating this year," said Stephen Hoerz, District Manager. "We all knew the spring season so far has been cooler than normal, but some of the trees as of last week were still frozen into the ground. In the 20 plus years that I've been doing this, we've never had to postpone our pick up."
Because the trees are still dormant when they are dug, they will continue to stay dormant until the weather warms up.
The extra two weeks won't mean anything to the plants, it just means people's plans are disrupted.
Customers who have questions or concerns should contact the district office at 295-8811.
Soil and Water Conservation Districts from around the state sell trees and shrubs every year in an effort to help landowners conserve soil and protect natural resources.
While they're sold out of everything for this year, they take names and addresses throughout the year and will send the next year's order forms out in January.