Saturday hearing for Blenheim DRAFT Comp Plan


The Town of Blenheim Comprehensive Plan Committee invites all residents and taxpayers to attend the DRAFT Comprehensive Plan Committee public meeting on Saturday, October 19 at 3pm at the Blenheim Town Hall.
The purpose of the meeting is to provide the public with an opportunity to comment and provide input regarding the DRAFT Comprehensive Plan that has been constructed with input received from the Blenheim town surveys along with other sources of information.
Following the public meeting of October 19, the committee will consider all comments received and will then submit the final DRAFT Plan to the Blenheim town board which will open the town public hearing. The meeting on the 19th provides an opportunity for public comment prior to the final official town public hearing.
Copies of the DRAFT Plan are available at the clerk's office at town hall on Saturday prior to the meeting and during the week at the Blenheim Post Office.
The plan is also available on-line at the Town of Blenheim website, and also at the Schoharie County website.