Agency offers help with Affordable Care signup


Catskill Center for Independence will be providing enrollment assistance throughout Schoharie County to residents interested in enrolling in one of the Health Plans offered by the New York State Benefit Exchange, also known as the Marketplace.
The Marketplace will help people to determine their eligibility for available health care programs and what type of financial assistance might be available to applicants to help them afford health insurance purchased through the Marketplace.
Debra Martin, IPA/lead navigator will be available at a variety of locations to answer questions and help with enrollment.
Individuals, families, and small businesses will be able to use the Marketplace to help them compare insurance options, calculate costs, and select coverage.
To schedule an appointment, at one of the sites, call (607)432-8000 or e-mail
The process will take 60-90 minutes.
Currently scheduled dates and locations are:
October 31 Gilboa-Conesville Central School, 8am-4pm.
November 4 - Sharon Springs Library, 10am-4pm.
November 14 - Gilboa-Conesville Central School, 8am-4pm.
November 16 - Sharon Springs Library, 9am-2pm.
November 20 - Middleburgh Library, 10am-4pm.
November 21 - Sharon Springs Library, 4-8pm.
November 23 - Middleburgh Library, 9am-1pm.
December 12 - Gilboa-Conesville Central School, 8am-4pm.
December 14 - Sharon Springs Library, 9am-2pm.
December 18 - Middleburgh Library, 10am-4pm.
December 20 - Gilboa-Conesville Central School, 5-9pm.
January 9, 2014 - Gilboa-Conesville Central School, 5-9pm.