Anti-frack walk to Albany starts Saturday in Sharon Springs


This Saturday, beginning at about 12:30pm, the Village of Sharon Springs will help kickoff a historic anti-fracking walk to Albany.
The starting point will be at the Village and Town Hall in the Municipal Building.
The 50-mile walk will end Wednesday, January 8, at the Albany Concourse Plaza just in time for Governor Cuomo's State of the State address.
There will be a rally at the Concourse encouraging the Governor and other elected officials in attendance to ban fracking in the state.
They'll also be encouraged to bring in more renewable energy.
Jun-san, a Buddist nun and peace activist who in 1978 walked from San Francisco to Washington, DC with Native Americans as part of the "Longest Walk," a coordinated peace movement, will be leading the walk.
Roger Downs, director of the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club, called Sharon Springs the perfect place to begin the walk because it was one of the first communities to take steps to protect itself against fracking.
"The Village of Sharon Springs is honored to host the beginning of this momentous walk for such an important environmental message that affects us all," said Sharon Springs Mayor Doug Plummer.
All are welcome to come and cheerlead, walk a short distance, or take a long hike to Albany to help deliver the message.