Jail site fuels three-way race in Schoharie


By David Avitabile

It looks like a three-way race for supervisor in the Town of Schoharie.
Wanda Colyer, a very vocal opponent of siting the county jail at the Seebold's farm on Route 30, has announced that she'll make an independent run at the supervisor's position.
Ms. Colyer said last week that she is getting her petitions ready and plans to run in the fall.
She joins two other candidates for the position.
Republican Chris Tague was nominated by his party last month and incumbent Gene Milone, who is running for re-election, was expected to be tapped by the Democrats at a caucus on Tuesday night.
The siting of the new jail at the Seebold site may have been the impetus for her run, but Ms. Colyer sees many areas that can be improved in the town and in the county.
"I have a lot of exciting ideas to improve the county. I have a lot of energy," said Ms. Colyer, a retired teacher.
"I see a need for change and a need to listen to the people."
In addition, there needs to "be more teamwork between the town and village and county" especially when it comes to seeking funding, Ms. Colyer said.
Ms. Colyer, who has run for the school board and has been on the town zoning board of appeals, decided to run as an independent because, "I don't believe in political parties on the local level.
"I don't want to be indebted to anyone."
Mr. Milone has been in office for four years and sees much more work to be done.
"I've helped this community during one of its darkest hours after the flood," he said Thursday morning. "I have a real appreciation of it. I spent hours knee-deep in mud in the village."
"I'd love to see it through."
Other issues Mr. Milone's been involved in include the battles against the impending pipelines, the county administrator, mandate relief, obtaining a grocery store, and an assistant living facility for seniors.
Mr. Milone, who is also retired, said he has put a lot of time into the community and has not taken a salary during his time as supervisor.
"It's in my blood to help," he added.
Mr. Tague works for Cobleskill Stone Products and was a major force trying to locate a casino at Howe Caverns.
He wants to stop the exodus of people from the region.
"I was born and raised here," he said Thursday.
"This is my home. I love the community. What hurts me is that people my age and younger leaving for greener pastures."
Mr. Tague said he will work to create economic development, jobs and more "opportunities for people to stay here in the county we all love."
He promised to work with Congressman Chris Gibson and Assemblyman Pete Lopez to gain funding to create those opportunities.
Mr. Tague also promises to bring energy to the position.
"I'm not the kind of person to wait for people to come to us, I'm going to go to them. Trust me, it's going to get done."