Searches turn up 500 pot plants


A two-day sweep of Schoharie County with help from a National Guard helicopter netted the Sheriff's Office 250 marijuana plants from the Towns of Sharon, Cobleskill, Schoharie, Broome, and Summit, last Tuesday and Wednesday, according to Sheriff Tony Desmond.
A third day of surveillance was cancelled after the helicopter developed engine problems, he said.
Sheriff Desmond said about 56 plants were recovered from Sharon and the northern end of the county, while an additional 194 marijuana plants came from the southern end.
"We looked at the spots we had tips for," he said. "It was all growing out in places that are kind of secluded where not a lot of people would see it."
No arrests were made and there are no suspects, Sheriff Desmond said, but an investigation is continuing and the plants will be kept in storage for a while just in case.
Though there is support for legalizing marijuana-especially for medical use-Sheriff Desmond said that hasn't happened yet and especially when it's combined with alcohol and driving, it remains a dangerous drug.
Over the county line, State Police surveillance flights in Montgomery and Fulton Counties turned up more than 250 marijuana plants and more than 15 pounds of dried and processed marijuana from numerous locations in both counties.
Troopers said there have been some arrests, but the names of the suspects won't be released until each investigation is completed.